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A name might be useful: Jamie
Location you're themin' from: Hollywood Florida
Sex: FemaleAnything we should know about you? mm. i can dance..

Color: orange
Movies: ferris buellers day off, sixteen candles, gone with the wind, the notebook
Music: all rights reserved, modest mouse, wayne newton, the beatles, the cure, the clash, underoath, thrice, the movielife, kevin lyttle,  billy joel, ashlee simpson, the julianna theory, the get up kids, saves the day, taking back sunday, rufio, nfg, etc.
Books: the lovely bones
Food:  french fries

Why do you want to join Theme_itup_seXi?      it looks fun..

If stars could make music, what or what song would it sound like?   billy joel- lullaby
How about the ocean? death cab for cutie- lack of color

You're any character from any movie. Who are you?   molly ringwald- sixteen candles
Who would you love to sex up? ilissa renee skinner ;)

- what time is it?  10:10 pm
- what are you wearing? pj's
- what shoes do you theme_up_seXi?   black and pink ones
- peircings? yes.. three on my left ear, two on my right
- bad habits? biting my nails, taking things for granted

Word Accociation (for our amusement)
1) clouds- fluffy
2) love- pationate

3) CareBears- cuddly
4) sausage- squishy
5) laser- bright
6) mayonaise- yuck.
7) snow- never seen it
8) tears- wet and full of emotion
9) blood- red.
10) make out- fun

Post 4 + clear pictures of yourself, one being 150x150, for our userinfo, if you're accepted. IF you don't know how to do so, consult a Mod.

Promote somewhere! Either in one community or two journals. Post links. Our banners are below.

on the left..

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