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Theme Sexiness


A name might be useful: Nikki
Years young: 15 .. 16 soon
Location you're themin' from: Jackson
Sex: Female
Anything we should know about you? Umm.. I dance. A lot.

Color: Purple
Movies: Center Stage, The Butterfly Effect, Mean Girls, Swimfan(BEN!! Haha Ilissa & Lindsay),
Music: Matchbook Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Early November, Something Corperate, Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights.
Books: Wicked, Of Mice and Men, Harry Potter ( all 5 )
Food: Macaroni & Cheese, Lindsay Bagels, Subs, Pizza, Mozzerella Sticks.

Why do you want to join Theme_itup_seXi? Well, my three best friends are the Mods, so I have to. They might be offended by it if I don't and our friendship would never be the same.

If stars could make music, what or what song would it sound like? Squishy... That was my first answer but Ilissa didn't like it so.. I'm gunna go with Taking Back Sunday- New American Classic

How about the ocean? Fall Out Boy - Patron Saint of Liars and Fakes

You're any character from any movie. Who are you? Tinkerbell ; )

Who would you love to sex up? Ilissa. Duh. ; )

- what time is it? 11 : 11 How cool is that? Haha
- what are you wearing? Black dance capris and Black MBR Shirt.
- what shoes do you theme_up_seXi? Pink and White Vans.. even though they aren't on my feet right now.
- peircings? Yes, Ears and Bellybutton.
- bad habits? Biting my nails, calling people idiots..

Word Accociation (for our amusement)
1) clouds - white
2) love - red?
3) CareBears- hahah
4) sausage - long..
5) laser - red?
6) mayonaise - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can't believe that stupid Ilissa put this word on here knowing its my biggest fear.
7) snow - white
8) tears - wet
9) blood - red
10) make out - cool..

Post 4 + clear pictures of yourself, one being 150x150, for our userinfo, if you're accepted. IF you don't know how to do so, consult a Mod.

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yes yes yes yes yes yes.. i love you Nikki.
automatically accepted

IF you girls reject someone, don't use my chair picture. I believe its too homosexual. Kthnxbye.


May 31 2005, 10:19:00 UTC 12 years ago

you were automatically accepted?? make me gag....

you actually make me want to throw up.